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Commercial Plumbing

Oldham Plumbers

Do you have a commercial property in the Oldham region that requires plumbing solutions? If so, we hope you’ll consider the friendly experts at Extreme Pipes to be your commercial plumbing partners. For all types of jobs and all types of businesses, we’re the Oldham plumbers local businesses rely upon for expert plumbing solutions every single day.Oldham Plumbers

When you own a business, there are many things you can’t control. If you choose a plumber who is unproven or unreliable, you can add your plumbing to the list of things beyond control. Partnering with Extreme Pipes, though, will ensure that this aspect of your business is always taken care of by the trusted, skilled, and time-tested plumbers of Extreme Pipes. We will treat your business like our business, committing ourselves to the quality and longevity of your plumbing system.

At Extreme Pipes, we’re very prideful of the fact that so much of our commercial business comes from referrals. To us, this means we are doing a great job serving our existing commercial customers with expert solutions that meet the needs of their businesses.

We attribute this customer satisfaction to three core tenants of our business:

Expertise – There are many plumbers in Oldham who claim a high level of expertise, but the truth is that most plumbers only understand how to deal with common, everyday scenarios they learned in their training. At Extreme Pipes, we bring years of experience handling every type of plumbing job imaginable, including significant custom work for businesses with unique needs. What this means to you is that we understand better than anyone else how to meet your unique needs, even if those needs change or evolve. We’ve seen it all and learned from our previous experience. Now, we want to leverage this expertise for your benefit.

Professionalism – Professionalism means different things to different people, but at Extreme Locks it means we put our customers first, every time. When we service your business, it won’t be with our own interests in mind, but rather with yours. We want to be your long-term partner. As such, we know the key to being your partner 10 years from now is to be in your corner, seeing the world through your eyes, and meeting your needs – no matter what those needs are.

Quality – Quality means everything to us, and it permeates every single aspect of our business. You can expect the absolute top quality when it comes to our employees, service levels, equipment, parts used, response times, availability, and everything else. We are the best, and we prove it in every way.

We promise you will find no better Oldham plumbers than the group assembled at Extreme Pipes. Call us today and we’ll send one out to your business.